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One Tank Trip: Bowling Green, Kentucky

This week’s One Tank Trip features the happening city of Bowling Green, Kentucky. If you’re like me and have never been to Bowling Green, it’s time to change that. Whether you’re traveling solo or bringing the whole family, there’s an adventure waiting for you there.

For the thrill seekers in your life and the ones who have a need for speed: first stop is to NCM Motorsports Park. Corvette owners are brave enough to let average people take a whip around a real racetrack in a Corvette. A touring lap following a lead car isn’t cheap at $199 but this once-in-a-lifetime experience is well worth it and makes a great gift for any adrenalin junkie.

The next stop through the Bowling Green has to be the popular National Corvette Museum. The Museum features over 80 Corvettes in periodic settings, including classics, one-of-a-kind prototypes and modern-day wonders of engineering and design.

The final stop on the adventure-filled vacation is a trip to Mammoth Cave National Park. Bowling Green, KY, is home to the world’s longest discovered underground cave system in the world. The National Park offers guided tours through the cave and specialists inside the cave to tell you everything you want to know about this famous landmark. Mammoth Cave is a full-days’ worth of fun and breathtaking views.

These are only a few of the hundreds of fun-filled activities Bowling Green has to offer. It is a city full of food, beer and merriment.

Stay tuned for the next One Tank Trip as we head to Toledo for Jeep Fest!